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Art of Spices -  A gastronomic pleasure inspired by the rich culture and history of India.

Since the get-go, sustenance and eating has had its spot as the central development of all of mankind and a champion among the most colossal trademarks of any culture. We represent Salalah's best Indian Cuisine and there's a reason for it:

We believe that food is a celebration of life and that traditional foods are an enduring part of our culture. Family owned and operated, we challenge ourselves everyday to live up to our name by preparing and serving traditional, Indian home style meals with devotion, elegance, and grace. Each of us has special memories of home-made-food - the kind that keeps us longing for it when we are away from home. Capturing this authentic flavor has become a critical undertaking for Spices and we are proud to continue to cook traditional meals from recipes perfected from over thousands of years.

An Indian food-lover’s dream, our food is prepared for you using the finest seasonal ingredients in separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian vessels by our specially trained chefs. Good food has the ability to delight your sense of taste and leave you happier. Our menu features a large range of vegetables, meats and delicious desserts from India’s rich culture including authentic south Indian cuisine that tastes like it came straight from Kerala. Each menu item is specifically tailored with flair and attention to detail is characteristic of Spices for every occasion, whether it be a large dinner or lunch party, family outing, intimate first date. Regardless of the occasion, you can always expect a great atmosphere with great food at the Spices.

We hope to live up to every single one of them from starter to dessert.


Our Specials


Somovar Chai

Art of Spices Chai corner is the unique place for tea lovers for a sip of strong Samovar Chai along with traditional and authentic Kerala delicacies filled with a nostalgic ambience of music and food. We promise to take you back to the past !!! Memories matter! Come and enjoy the best in class Samovar Chai with your Colleagues, Friends and Family members.

Malabar Dum Biriyani

The Malabar biriyani, which is a lip-smacking melange of spices, aromas and flavour, is the best in the world, according to those in the region. And once you have a taste, you are tempted to agree. A visit to Malabar is incomplete without digging into a plateful of sumptuous biriyani served across the region — from Kozhikode to Kasaragod. It’s no wonder then that its fame has spread across the globe with several outlets and even brands now vying with each other to add the name Malabar to their products. We are glad that we are able to serve the best authentic taste of Malabar Dum Biriyani



Considered as a complete meal, this traditional cuisine takes its inspiration from ancient Ayurvedic concepts and practices regarding food. An ila sadya is a harmonious blend of six principal tastes of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, and astringent, and hence recommended for anyone who wants to bring their body and mind back to equipoise.

All these make Kerala’s ila sadya a true gastronomic experience that will linger in your mind long after you have returned home. You can get the best of Onasadhya at best reasonable price from Spices Salalah every year. Spices, Salalah offers 10 days Onam elasadhya till Thiruvonam. 

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